Chapter Policy



AOLP Policy Statement on Chapters


In order to encourage and facilitate state and regional activity for AOLP members, chapters may be identified and formed.

Application Process

Any group of 5 or more AOLP members in good standing may apply for chapter status by following the procedures listed below. Chapters may be formed by an individual state or by several states.


  1. A group wishing to form an AOLP chapter must notify the AOLP Board of Directors of their intention to form a chapter, in writing. This notification must include a description of meetings held, activities, summary of current annual expenses, reason for this request and what they see as a benefit to their members and to AOLP at large. Copies of pertinent mailings and newsletters are requested.

  2. This written intent to apply will be reviewed by the Board and a written response to that intent will be issued after the Board meeting following receipt of the request.
  3. Following approval by the Board of Directors regarding the written intent to form a chapter the chapter must perform the following and submit the information to AOLP headquarters:
    • Hold an election of officers for the following positions:
      • a. President
      • b. President Elect
      • c. Vice-President
      • d. Secretary
      • e. Treasurer (The Secretary and Treasurer positions may be a combined office.)
    • Establish the dues to be charged to join the chapter.
    • Develop a budget for the chapter showing anticipated income and expenses.
  4. Once chapter status is achieved, it will remain in effect until revoked by either party. Either party must give thirty days notice of revocation in writing.
  5. All chapters should function on a calendar fiscal year.

For a complete copy of the policy or for more information, please contact Angela Burkett at the AOLP office at