Membership Drive Incentive Program

AOLP has developed an incentive program to both gain new members and reward your recruitment efforts! The Membership Drive incentive program works like this:

Dues Discount

For every new member a current AOLP member recruits, you will receive a discount on membership dues for the following year, capped at the equivalent of one year of the dues amount owed. (You will not be reimbursed for amounts exceeding your dues owed.) In order to receive credit for your new member before the renewal season, the program deadlines are calculated as follows:

     Company Members → July 1 to June 30
     Distributor and Manufacturer Members → January 1 to December 31

The discount will be as follows:

Member Category Recruited
Dues Discount
Company $25
Distributor $100
Affiliate Manufacturer $175
Manufacturer $350

AOLP staff will track the dues discount, based upon the information provided on the membership application.

What must you do?

Simply print out some membership applications, write your name on the referral line provided, and hand them out to everyone who is a potential AOLP member! It’s easy and can save you a lot of money. Why not help the organization, the industry and your bottom line, too? Please join us in this membership drive. Thank you for your assistance and participation!

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