Guidelines for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

The AOLP Board of Directors is pleased to announce the release of a new document produced by AOLP, “Guidelines for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting.” This document was produced by AOLP members with the intent to establish industry guidelines in an area where none currently exist to provide guidance to contractors and designers in the trade as well as related professions, such as landscape designers, landscape architects, etc. The Guidelines are a compilation of best practices, and do not in any way intend to conflict with, replace or supersede any national, state or local code.

The Guidelines are a “living document” and will have regular review and revision as installation practices change and improve and the industry evolves. The AOLP Board of Directors will appoint an experienced panel of industry professionals that will include all aspects of the trade-manufacturers, distributors, electricians, landscape contractors, architects, agencies & UL/ NEC, and lighting designers, to oversee the annual updates to this document. It is AOLP’s goal to constantly update the Guidelines to be current and in the best interest of the trade practice.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the following individuals for their work on this document:

Mark Carlson, CLVLT, COLD, of Avalon Lighting Design. Mark spent untold hours in the development and drafting of the original document for committee and Board review. Mark is the reason we are able to bring this document to the industry and public.

Brooke Perin, CLVLT, COLD, of Wolf Creek Co. Brooke and the CLVLT committee spent numerous hours proof-reading and making adjustment to this document. She was key to the implementation of this document.

Gerry DeLaVega, CLVLT, of TerraDek Lighting. Gerry provided oversight and implementation of the UL/ NEC sections. Gerry, again put in several hours of processing work for this cause.

Nick Schriver, CLVLT, of Decorating Elves. Nick provided support and offerings to better the OSHA standards and safety section.

Mike Gambino of Gambino Landscape & Outdoor Design. Mike provided initial reviews and oversight of the transformer section and full content.

This document is available to both members of the lighting trade as well as the general public. In order to obtain a PDF of the Guidelines, please email

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